Regulations for the Polars platform

Regulations for events on the Polars platform

Polars website is the only reliable source of information

The only reliable source of information about upcoming events on the platform is the Polars platform website. Always check the location of teams, date and time before you make a transaction to make a prediction.
*Telegram channels and other sources which publish any information about upcoming events are doing it only for informational purposes. however we are trying to deliver accurat information on our additional resources, that information might not be accurate.

General Rules / Regulations for events on the Polars platform

  • A sporting event lasts until the winner is revealed (including overtime, extra time, shootouts, penalties, etc. except for Champions League and Europa League in the relegation matches)
  • If no winner is revealed during the event, the event is closed in a draw (if the match is interrupted and the required minimum time is not played)
  • The transaction for the start of the event (pool closure) is sent to the blockchain 1 minute before the start of the event (the speed of transaction confirmation depends on the network) or soon after event started but not later than score starts
  • The event grid is published in advance and can be edited according to decisions of the platform administration
  • The scheduled time between the opening and closing of the pool should be at least 30 minutes. The actual time may be shorter if the closing transaction took a long time, ending event lasts longer than expected or the next event started ahead of time
Champions League and Europa League
In case of a draw on the sum of two matches, in the second match the main time of 90 minutes + the compensated appointed time by the referee is considered. Extra time and penalties are not taken into account.
Real Madrid-Bayern 0:1 (first leg) Real Madrid-Bayern 1:0 (second leg)
In this case, the match closes with a score of 1:0 (although the match continues)
Canceling events
  • The event is canceled in case of physical cancellation of a sports event
  • The event is canceled if it started earlier than the scheduled time by more than 15 minutes
  • The event is canceled if the event is postponed for 1.5 hours or more
  • The event is canceled if its transfer may shift the grid of subsequent events
  • Events are canceled in case of force majeure circumstances
Interrupted events
An event is considered to have taken place if it is interrupted and at least a certain part of the full time regulated by the rules has been played in it or a certain number of points have been scored. For betting on a match in general, this is: – Soccer – 65 minutes (if the match format is non-standard, then 70% of the playing time); – Basketball – 35 minutes (for the NBA and other tournaments with 48-minute matches) and 28 minutes (for tournaments with 40-minute matches); – Hockey – 45 minutes; – Ball hockey – 60 minutes; – American football – 50 minutes; – Baseball – 5 innings; – 3x3 basketball – at least 70 % of the playing time or if 16 points are scored by at least one of the teams; – Other sports – at least 70% of playing time.
  • If the match is interrupted earlier than the regulated time, the event is closed in a draw.
The Polars platform is not responsible for the operation of the blockchain in which events take place (the prediction pool works).
Any transactions and costs associated with them that are made by users on the platform are the responsibility of the user.