Prediction Pool

This is a unique Pool powered by Polars. It has its own unique math of the polar token protocol.
  • This pool has unlimited liquidity and you can buy WHITE and BLACK tokens in unlimited quantities at a fixed price with no slippage.
  • You can always sell all available polar tokens back to the Prediction Pool, since all tokens are fully backed by the underlying asset for which you bought these tokens.
  • The Prediction Pool is closed for the duration of the event. You will not be able to make trades while the event is in progress.
  • As soon as the event ends, the price of the polar tokens changes according to the results of this event and the Prediction Pool reopens. Then you can buy and sell polar tokens again, but at new prices.
  • We can say that the Prediction Pool is open between the end of the previous event and the beginning of the next one. The time between events is intended to allow users to place their bets, enter or exit a position.
  • During the event, the Prediction Pool is closed, but the Trade Pool is open, where you can trade with polar tokens around the clock.
More about Prediction Pool Math here.