POL Governance Token
Immediately after the launch of the Governance Smart Contract, the management of the Polars protocol will pass to the POL holders. All decisions will be made by voting.
POL will primarily be used to manage the Polars protocol. Also, using POL tokens, users will be able to create their own pairs of polar tokens with individual parameters. POL is used to distribute rewards among users for their activity on the platform. Also, POL can be used in the core of the protocol for fundamental staking.
POL has a moderately deflationary pattern. Half of all tokens will be burned sooner or later. A significant part of the platform's commissions is used to buyback POL from the market and burn this tokens.

POL Tokenomics

Total emission: 1600000000 POL (*):

  • [62.5%] User Activity Long-Term Rewards: 1000000000 POL
  • [25%] Team: 400000000 POL
  • [9.37%] Private Sale Investors: 150000000 POL
  • [3.12%] Public Sale & Initial Liquidity: 50000000 POL
(*) - There was originally minted 2 billion POL. But after changing the business model, 400 million POL tokens were burned. More info in this article: https://link.medium.com/RyvoxyAfhkb

[100%]User Activity Long-Term Rewards: 1000000000 POL:

  • [50%] Liquidity Providers Rewards: 500000000 POL
  • [20%] Trading Volume Rewards: 200000000 POL
  • [20%] Referral Trading Volume Rewards: 200000000 POL
  • [10%] Other Liquidity anf Marketing Rewards: 100000000 POL

POL Release Information

  • Team tokens: locked for 9month, then 25% unlocked per quarter (Start: June 2021)
  • Private Sale tokens: locked for 6 month, then 25% unlocked per quarter (Start: June 2021)
  • Public Sale tokens: fully unlocked and 1–6 month for testers (last unlock November 2021)
  • Reward tokens: Will be released in accordance with user activity on the Polars platform

POL Burning Conditions

Now part of the platform’s commissions will be spent on the buyback of tokens from the free market, which will be irretrievably sent to the zero address (that is, burned). This will make the token deflationary in the future. Since there are no longer any liquidity providers in Prediction Pool, we will be able to send most of the freed-up commissions for buyback and burning. We will get a constant source of organic liquidity in a purchase, the volume of which is linearly dependent on the trading volume on the Polars platform and amount of liquidity in the Trade Pool.
In the future, 800M POL will be bought back and burned. The POL token buyback and burn mechanism will automatically stop when 800 million tokens are bought back and burned. Consequently, in the future, Total supply will be gradually reduced by 50%, to 800 million POL tokens.
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