Welcome to Polars. We are introducing a completely new Defi concept for the prediction market. Our concept is based on the polar token protocol.
It is ​​protocol that we first applied to the prediction market. The essence of the Polar Token Protocol is that if one of the tokens rises, then the second falls, but their total collateral remains unchanged.
The Polars Platform is a Defi platform on the prediction market based on the Polars Token Protocol. In this concept, we managed to combine Betting, Trading, Arbitrage and the entire set of Defi mechanics (Liquidity Providing, Farming, Staking, Lending), NFT, as well as game elements.
The platform allows users to make money on bets, trading, arbitrage and on the liquidity providing to the Trade Pool. Additionally, users receive rewards for the created trading volume and for the trading volume of invited referrals.
The first version of the protocol is deployed to Binance Smart Chain. In the future, the platform can be deployed on any other networks that support smart contracts (Polkadot, Solana, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon…)
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