POL Tokenomics


MAX supply - 1.6 billion POL tokens. Originally it was 2 bln of tokens, but 400 mln of tokens were burned during the project architecture updates before mainnet launch.
Supply in circulation will be reduced using buy-back and burn mechanics until it reaches 800 million POL tokens. So, there is a plan to burn 50% of tokens over time.

Fees distribution

To receive part of the fees distribution users have to stake Polars.io incentives tokens given to POL stakers. Fee distribution tutorialโ€‹

Betting Pool

Protocol fees are equal to 0.3% of the pool trading volume.
40% โ€” POL buyback and burn 40% โ€” POL Buyback and distribution among POL stakers 15% โ€” Operatorโ€™s commission - smart contracts maintenance - network fees - data providers payments 5% โ€” Increase the ัolaterization of polar tokens (WHITE and BLACK)

Trade Pool

70% โ€” Liquidity providers who have added liquidity to the Trade Pool 30% โ€” Buyback and distribution among POL Holders.

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