Add/Remove Liquidity
to the Trade Pool
In order to add liquidity to the Trade Pool you need to follow a few simple steps. First of all, you need to decide on the amount you want to add. Let's say it's 1000 BUSD.
This means that you need to add 500 BUSD WHITE tokens to the Trade Pool, and about the same amount of BLACK tokens. To understand the exact amount of added tokens, we take the following steps:
  • We calculate how many WHITE tokens we will buy for 500 BUSD in the Prediction Pool (the Prediction Pool must be open at this moment, that is, the event must not be live). To do this, enter 500 BUSD and get the number of WHITE tokens received.
  • Now you need to calculate how many BLACK tokens you need to deposit with the number of WHITE tokens purchased in the Prediction Pool, taking into account the current Trade Pool price. To do this, go to the Add Liquidity page and enter the target value in the WHITE token field. We now see the target amount of BLACK tokens.
Now we know how much WHITE and BLACK we need to add to add 1000 BUSD to liquidity. We buy these tokens in the Prediction Pool (note that it is better to choose the Prediction Pool, since it has a fixed price and there is no slippage).
The tokens have been purchased, all that remains is to add them to the Trade Pool liquidity on the Add Liquidity page and receive in return PTPT tokens (Polars Trade Pool Tokens), which will reflect the weight of your liquidity in the Trade Pool.
Congratulations, liquidity has been added. To remove Liquidity go to the Remove Liquidity tab, enter the available PTPTs in the field and press the button. You will receive back WHITE and BLACK tokens in accordance with your share in the pool + commission.
Once you have PTPTs, you can add them to farming and get POL. More on that on the next page ...
Last modified 1mo ago
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