Trade Pool
Trade Pool is a full fork of Balancer.
  • It contains 2 tokens: WHITE and BLACK.
  • Users add liquidity to this pool in order to earn commissions and receive Farming Rewards. The rest of the users can swap polar tokens.
  • When the Prediction Pool is closed due to an event in progress, users can freely make trades in the Trade Pool. But keep in mind that the price in this pool is market, not fixed. It depends on the sentiment of users in relation to the results of the current event.
  • There can be quite a lot of volatility during the event, and you can profitably swap polar tokens.
  • When the Prediction Pool with new prices and unlimited liquidity is opened after the end of the event, the prices in the Trade Pool will be leveled out through arbitrage trades, which creates additional earning opportunities and generates additional trading volume on the platform.
Last modified 2mo ago
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